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If you’re looking for expert dog training services in the Miami Valley area, look no further than K9 Solutions. Our team of experienced trainers uses the latest techniques to help your furry friend become the best version of themselves.

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K9 Solutions Center is located in New Carlisle, Ohio and has been providing elite dog training services since 2001. We have a history of training Police Dogs for numerous state, city and county departments. We have also trained Search & Rescue dog Clients, top Personal Protection Dogs, and other Working Dog Clients. All of this has created a knowledge base that will provide you the “one stop” resource for your dog training needs in the Dayton, Ohio area.

K9 Solutions Center is a certified training center of the American Working Dog Council, as well as an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen evaluation facility.

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We have a state of the art dog training center. Do not be fooled by canine trainers that want to come to you, this is because they do not have a place to train. Your home is not a good learning environment for your dog. An important part of dog training is controlling the environment. Let us help you with your dog, we can produce results with your training goals! When you consider hiring a trainer for your dog, you need to look closely at the background of the trainer. There is no national organization that regulates who can call themselves a trainer, so the market is flooded with self-taught people who have no formal training education, or experience. K9 Solutions Center offers dog trainer courses and certifications as well, we are the ones training the top trainers in the country, we have training down to a science. Meet with us before you make a decision on a trainer, and let us help you educate yourself before you trust your pet with just anyone. We often run specials on training. Like and follow our Facebook page and we will post the special offers there.

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K9 Solutions Center is a PREMIERE E-Collar remote training collar Dealer/Trainer!

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With more than 30+ years of combined K9 training experience
the trainers at K9 Solutions Center are ready to assist you in your training needs.

Jeff Turner

CEO/Head Trainer
Jeff Turner serves as President of K9 Solutions Center. Jeff started K9 Solutions Center in early 2001. Jeff has spent more than 20 years training civilian and Police K9’s in a variety of skills. When not training dogs and trainers Jeff is an active duty Police Officer in Ohio.

We let our successes talk for us

Savannah SliferSavannah Slifer
15:13 20 Jan 23
Truly such friendly people here. Our trainer, Kyle, is helping our sweet Rosie learn a whole bunch of new things.I knew from the minute that I walked in for my consultation that he was passionate about his job and the dogs that he works with. He makes sure that you fully understand the process or trick before moving on to something else and answers the many questions that I always have.Rosie absolutely loves Kyle (especially when he gives her treats lol). But I am very excited to continue training with her in this class and will probably continue with other courses simply because of the way Kyle handles Rosie.He is truly in the right profession!
Michele PaxMichele Pax
22:44 03 Oct 22
We had a fantastic experience! Austin was amazing and helped us to better understand some of the fun quirkiness of our Goldendoodle. He was always ready for us when we arrived and our Willow was always excited to arrive for a session! Austin helped guide her (us) off the hot mess express and gave my family tools and skills for smooth sailing!
Sheryl MullinsSheryl Mullins
12:08 05 Aug 22
We have a Bull Terrier, her name is Maude! We had Austin as her trainer. The first day we took her into K9 Solutions to speak with them about their services, she was absolutely a true wild child. After speaking with Austin as Maude was destroying his office, chewing up things, not listening to anyone, we decided to give K9 Solutions a try. At this point, we were desperate. I need to tell you… Austin nicknamed her “Wild Child” she actually bonded with him and enjoyed seeing him each and every lesson. After each lesson, she improved but was still a little crazy. Then one day, the light came on and WOW what a transformation….all of a sudden..we had a lovable obedient Bull Terrier. Austin did an amazing job with our Baby. Thank you K9 Solutions!! Maude and We thank you!!!
Christina CoxChristina Cox
18:26 11 Jul 22
I cannot say enough about how instrumental K9 Solutions Center has been in changing my dog's life. We rescued Yoda about a year ago and quickly came to love him very much. After about 3 months, Yoda developed some very challenging reactivity issues. It became impossible to even walk him in the neighborhood because he barked, growled, and lunged at every person and dog we walked by. He escaped our house a couple of times and he ran through the neighborhood scaring our neighbors with his barking and growling. I wish I could say that K9 Solutions was my first idea, but I wasted some time and money trying some other options first. I finally decided to try K9 Solutions Center and it was certainly the right choice. Yoda is a new dog! Our trainer, Kyle, was nothing short of amazing. After my failed attempts with other trainers, I had my moments of discouragement. However, Kyle ALWAYS had something else up his sleeve. He was so patient and resourceful. I think he taught me more so than he did Yoda. Kyle wanted me to be able to train Yoda myself and continue improving even when classes ended. Yoda graduated last week and he now hangs out with me in the front yard and stays near me at all times. I can walk him in the neighborhood off leash with no problems whatsoever. I can also control him when new people come to our house, without having to endure the several minutes of barking and growling we used to. Kyle gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to train Yoda myself. I simply cannot place a value on what we gained. Yoda is happier and more confident as well. We now receive many compliments while out walking on what a well behaved dog we have. Thank you Kyle and K9 Solutions Center!
Jerry HounshellJerry Hounshell
18:42 21 Jun 22
I was very impressed with the knowledge that trainer Kyle possessed. Our German Shepherd "Sarge" has become better behaved. The staff was very welcoming. K9 Solutions is a great place to take your dog for training and I will be back for other classes Thanks Kyle you are the best.

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