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K9 Solutions Center is located in New Carlisle, Ohio and has been providing elite dog training services since 2001. We have a history of training Police Dogs for numerous state, city and county departments. We have also trained Search & Rescue dog Clients, top Personal Protection Dogs, and other Working Dog Clients. All of this has created a knowledge base that will provide you the “one stop” resource for your dog training needs in the Dayton, Ohio area.


K9 Solutions Center is a certified training center of the American Working Dog Council, as well as an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen evaluation facility.


We offer the following K9 Training Services


Basic Obedience Training

Our Staff of professional trainers will help you reach your training goals. Our trainers will help you make your pet the type of dog that you are proud to take out in public, and have in your house with guests.


Advanced Obedience Training

Our Advanced Training will challenge your dog to work through heavy distractions, conflict, and in many environments. This training will take you and your dog to the next level of training. This level of training is far above what any other training center considers "advanced".


K9 Behavior Modification

Our behavior modification courses are custom designed to meet your needs. We address the issues that brought you to us. Our trainers will outline a training plan that will produce results.


Remote Collar Training

This is our most popular course. For this course we offer a free consultation to show you just how well this tool works. We use positive stim collars, and teach a balanced training technique that produces amazing results. Schedule a time to stop in and see why it is so popular.

K9 Training Successes

Some of our more recent K9 training success stories. Click on a thumbnail for more information.

About K9 Solutions Center

We have a state of the art dog training center. Do not be fooled by canine trainers that want to come to you, this is because they do not have a place to train. Your home is not a good learning environment for your dog. An important part of dog training is controlling the environment.


Let us help you with your dog, we can produce results with your training goals! When you consider hiring a trainer for your dog, you need to look closely at the background of the trainer. There is no national organization that regulates who can call themselves a trainer, so the market is flooded with self-taught people who have no formal training education, or experience. K9 Solutions Center offers dog trainer courses and certifications as well, we are the ones training the top trainers in the country, we have training down to a science. Meet with us before you make a decision on a trainer, and let us help you educate yourself before you trust your pet with just anyone.


We often run specials on training. Like and follow our Facebook page and we will post the special offers there.


K9 training services we provide;

  • Basic Dog Obedience
  • Advanced Dog Obedience
  • K9 Behavior Modification
  • Remote Collar Training
  • Scent Work Training
  • Separation Anxiety Modification
  • Aggressive Behavior Modification
  • Tracking Training

e collar BOSS

Remote Collar Training

E-Collar Technologies

K9 Solutions Center is a PREMIERE E-Collar remote training collar Dealer/Trainer!

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Our Training Team

With more than 30+ years of combined K9 training experience
the trainers at K9 Solutions Center are ready to assist you in your training needs.

jeff turner dog trainer

Jeff Turner

CEO/Head Trainer

Jeff Turner serves as President of K9 Solutions Center. Jeff started K9 Solutions Center in early 2001. Jeff has spent more than 20 years training civilian and Police K9's in a variety of skills. When not training dogs and trainers Jeff is an active duty Police Officer in Ohio.

Our Latest Google Reviews

Robin Gebhardt

5 out of 5 stars

We have a 1.5 yr old bulldog. Very energetic and excitable. I have experience raising young dogs but this one had me stumped. Tater would bite whenever he got excited. Kyle taught me how to work with him, gave me the tools to help desensitize and keep his attention on me, keep his mind working. The frequency of sessions are based on the dog's needs. One, two, three weeks apart. However much reinforcement you need. Thanks Kyle! Tater is now a good citizen 🙂

Erin Artz

5 out of 5 stars

Had such a wonderful experience with K9 Solutions- absolutely worth every penny! Everyone I interacted with was professional and friendly, and I can't say enough good things about Kyle. I had a very stubborn puppy that I was reluctant to walk because it was so much work and not enjoyable for either of us, and even started keeping him away from people because of his overwhelming energy. I've had multiple dogs that I've always been able to train to be well-behaved, but I was at an absolute loss...

Otis B

4 out of 5 stars

Great people and great training classes. A bit on the expensive side but I think worth the investment.

Jessica Dulin

5 out of 5 stars

Kyle has been a great help with our puppy! Definitely recommend for anyone having issues with their dogs!

Jarod Brinegar

5 out of 5 stars

We had such a great experience with our dog Daisy at K9 Solutions! Kyle was awesome and while I'm sure they have many completely qualified trainers, I can only hope we get Kyle again for her protection classes in a few months. I was very impressed with how professional Kyle was with us throughout our 6 week program. He was constantly asking us what our experience was with our dog at home and if there was anything we needed to let him know about so that he could give us the proper guidance on...

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