Dayton, Ohio Dog Training & Grooming Services

K9 Solutions Center is located in New Carlisle, Ohio and has been providing elite dog training services since 2001. We have a history of training Police Dogs for numerous state, city and county departments, as well as Search & Rescue dog and numerous other working dog clients. We have produced top personal protections dogs and assisted in therapy dog certification preparation. All of this has created a knowledge base that will provide you the “one stop” resource for your dog training needs in the Dayton, Ohio area.

K9 Solutions Center is a certified training center of the American Working Dog Council, and also American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen evaluation facility.

We offer the following K9 Training Services;

  • Basic Obedience
  • Advanced Obedience
  • Behavior Modification
  • Remote Collar training
  • Scent Work training
  • Tracking training
  • Rally Classes
  • Preparation for Therapy Dog Certification
  • Aggressive Behavior Modification
  • Separation Anxiety Modification

We have a state of the art training center. Do not be fooled by trainers that want to come to you, this is because they simply do not have a place to train. Your home is not a good learning environment for your dog. An important part of dog training is controlling the environment.

Let us help you with your dog, and we can produce results with your training goals. When you consider hiring a trainer for your dog, you need to look closely at the background of the trainer. There is no national organization that regulates who can call themselves a trainer, so the market is flooded with self-taught people who have no formal training education, or experience. K9 Solutions Center offers trainer schools, we are the ones training the top trainers in the country, so we have training down to a science. Meet with us before you make a decision on a trainer, and let us help you educate yourself before you trust your pet with just anyone.

We often run specials, sometimes on grooming, sometimes on training. Like and follow our Facebook page and we will post the special offers there.

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