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K9 Solutions Center uses all positive motivational based training methods. Now that is not to say that we don’t use corrective tools, we do. We use e-collars and correction collars, however they are used in a positive method. Dogs work better for reward than they do for fear of correction. All of our training is marker based, and we will teach you the timing, reward delivery and verbal marker methods you will need to reach that level of perfection that your dog is capable of. We offer free dog training consultations. During this consultation, we will give you our honest opinion on what your dog is capable of, and what we can offer that may meet that need. We will not promise you something that we feel you or your dog is unable to accomplish, that will only reflect negatively on us when you are not satisfied with the results. Our best advertisement is when other people see your dog, notice how well it is trained, and ask where or how you got to that level of training. A compliment is the best referral. We will stay with you in the training process until your training goals are reached.

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