Dog Training at K9 Solutions Center

K9 Solutions Center uses all positive motivational based training methods. Now that is not to say that we don’t use corrective tools, we do. We use e-collars and correction collars, however they are used in a positive method. Dogs work better for reward than they do for fear of correction. All of our training is marker based, and we will teach you the timing, reward delivery and verbal marker methods you will need to reach that level of perfection that your dog is capable of.


We offer free dog training consultations. During this consultation, we will give you our honest opinion on what your dog is capable of, and what we can offer that may meet that need. We will not promise you something that we feel you or your dog is unable to accomplish, that will only reflect negatively on us when you are not satisfied with the results. Our best advertisement is when other people see your dog, notice how well it is trained, and ask where or how you got to that level of training. A compliment is the best referral. We will stay with you in the training process until your training goals are reached.


Dog Training Services we offer;

Basic Dog Obedience Training

Our obedience training is second to none. Our certified Police K9 trainers will get your pet to the level of our professional dogs if you choose to set that as a goal. We utilize a combination of e-collar and reward system methods to make your dog want to work. In short, a dog will work for a reward far better than it will work out of fear of a correction. All of our methods are positive motivational based.


Canine Behavior Modification

We can fix your problems! Many times people bring their dog to us and they are at the end of the rope. A behavior has been displayed, and people have tried to fix it. If anyone can fix it, we can. We will train you how to train your dog. You will need to put the work and time in changing the behavior.


Advanced Dog Obedience Training

All of our dog training courses are custom tailored to your needs. This allows us to design a specific course based on what you want as an end result. We do not use a training template, and no two dogs are alike.


Remote Collar Dog Training

Remote collar training is our most popular training package. We offer a few different levels of training with remote collars, and we are sure that one will fit your needs. Many people have misconceptions with remote collars. The first is that they harm the dog. This is because they are associating them with shock Collars, older technology, and equipment that we DO NOT use here at K9 Solutions Center. We utilize Stim Collars, made by E-Collar Technologies, which is used with positive reinforcement methods that result in the dog being rewarded for proper behavior, not punished for all bad behavior. We offer a free consultation for people to come in, see our facility, meet our trainers, and see how the remote collars work.


K9 Tracking Training

Many people come to K9 Solutions Center due to our background in working dogs. We are one of the top tracking training schools in this part of the country. Although we started out training Police K9's and Search & Rescue Dogs, we now offer tracking training to the public. Mostly because many of the people that come to our center for training are looking for a "job" for their dog. They are looking for something they can do on an ongoing basis. Tracking is a skill that you can learn with your dog, then continue yourself. Since our classes here at K9 Solutions Center are all "train the trainer" style teaching, you will be able to continue your dogs tracking to whatever level you choose. Some people enjoy tracking as a hobby they can do with their kids, some have an interest in Search and Rescue or other volunteer work, and some simply want a job for their dog. Whatever the reason, K9 Solutions Center offers the resources you need to make the training fun and easy. Contact us for a free consultation and see what you need to get started.


Personal Protection Dog Training

When K9 Solutions Center started in 2000, we started by training Police K9's and providing government contract dogs. As we moved into training the public with their pets, people noticed the level of training we put into our working dogs, and asked if that training was available to the public. The answer is yes, for approved dogs and clients. When you talk about personal and executive protection dogs, there are many different levels of training, and training philosophies. Our style of training is a protection dog is a defensive tool that must integrate into your family. This tool works at the direction of the handler, and the dog is not responsible for making any decisions, only responding to the commands of the handler. Our protection dogs are social in public, can be a part of your family or workplace, and do not pose an extra liability to you due to their training. For more information on our personal protection dog training packages, please contact us to schedule a free consultation. We would be happy to meet with you and go over our programs and your options.



Free Consultation!

K9 Solutions Center offers free dog training consultations!


For a free consultation appointment please fill out the form below or call (937) 771-1476. One of our friendly staff will schedule you to come to the facility for a tour and free dog training consultation with your dog!


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