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K9 Solutions Center is conveniently located in New Carlisle, Ohio.  For directions please see the map below.

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Note from the Owner

My name is Jeff Turner, I am the founder and owner of K9 Solutions Center.  We greatly appreciate you taking the time to inquire about our training services. I take great pride in the fact that people have trusted us with training their dogs for almost 20 years.

I take customer service very serious. I want everyone who comes to our training center to feel welcome, and comfortable. If there is ever an issue with the service you receive, please contact me directly, and I will make it right. 

When we play phone tag....

We are a small company, we have an officer manager, 2-3 trainers at this facility, and minimal support staff.  We are also the largest dog training center in Dayton. All of our sessions are one on one, we do not do any group classes.  All of our training is very personal, and therefore our trainers focus on the training sessions. If you call our office, or get a message that our office staff has contacted you, we often play a little bit of "phone tag".  Please bear with us, our trainers do not answer phones during training sessions. If the office staff is tied up, we often play tag a bit.   We appreciate your cooperation, as we are often busy, and we know that you are busy as well. 

Thank you!

Jeff Turner