Dog Behavior Modification

People often tell us they feel like they have a bad dog. We do not believe dogs choose to be bad, they do however develop bad behaviors. K9 Solutions Center can help you change those bad or uncontollable behaviors, in turn making your dog more enjoyable to have as dog a member of your family.


A trainer who can properly deal with behavior modification issues sets the great trainers apart from the good trainers. To be well experienced in behavior modification training, you must first properly understand canine behavior. As we outlined in other parts of this website, all of our trainers have real world K9 deployment experience. This experience comes through law enforcement training, or military training and deployments.


At no other time is dog behavior more important than when your life depends on it. A trainer in a box store can talk about behavior all day long, but until you are in a dark woods looking for an armed suspect, or in the Middle East looking for IED's, you don't really start to learn advanced dog behavior.


Our trainers first look at the root of the problem and what created the unwanted behavior in the first place. Once that is been determined, we can then move towards a behavior modification training plan to change the bad habits or agressiveness.


It is important to remember that our style of training is to train you how to train your dog. This is especially important in behavior modification, because this training will need to be maintained for an extended period of time. We will provide you all of the training tools you need to have the dog you want. Contact us and we will show you how!


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