Separation Anxiety Modification

Separation anxiety creates a lot of tension between pets and their owners. A lot of people will come to K9 Solutions Center seeking behavior modification, or even obedience, claiming that their dog is "out of control". In any behavior modification issue, the first thing that must happen is to diagnose the root of the problem. What is creating the unwanted behavior? Once it is determined that separation is creating it, we can move towards fixing it.

This step is often overlooked by trainers that lack experience, or what to sell you training packages that cover things you don't need. K9 Solutions Center offers custom curriculum packages that cover exactly what you want. Once of the first things that trainer Jeff Turner and Chad Spicer will ask you is, what is your end goal? Most of the time with separation anxiety, it is for the unwanted behavior to reduce, or better yet, go away. We set up 1 on 1 sessions to accomplish just that. We will give you a timeline, and a cost upfront, so you know what to expect.

If you are experiencing separation anxiety, contact us for a free evaluation, and lets get started on a path to a happier home for you and your dog.