K9 Scent Work Training

Why choose K9 Solutions Center for K9 scent work training?

K9 Solutions Center has a HUGE advantage over all other training centers in this training discipline. We started as a Police K9 training Center in 2000, training drug and bomb dogs for departments and agencies all over the United States. We quickly became a leader in detection dogs.


Our training standards, and our close attention to detail in scent work quickly made our detection training in high demand. Our President, Jeff Turner, has attended Auburn University's canine program where he continued to learn about the science behind detection work. Jeff brought that knowledge back to K9 Solutions Center and applied it to our training programs. Our Police K9 clients will tell you that a K9 Solutions Center detection dog is second to none.


With this background in scent work, we are able to bring the general public nose work classes. We not only teach the nose work, but we explain how scent works, how odor flows and moves, as well as how dogs interpret odor movement. This gives our students and clients a huge advantage when it comes to nose work trials and competitions.


Free Consultation!

K9 Solutions Center offers free dog training consultations!


For a free consultation appointment please fill out the form below or call (937) 771-1476. One of our friendly staff will schedule you to come to the facility for a tour and free dog training consultation with your dog!


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