K9 Tracking Training

Why choose us for K9 tracking training?

K9 Solutions Center has been training working dogs since 2000. Jeff Turner started K9 Solutions Center as he was working on his career as a Police K9 handler in Ohio. Jeff still serves as a part time Police Officer, with a city PD as a K9 Officer. During Jeff's career, he has served as a Deputy US Marshall with the S.O.F.A.S.T. Task Force, as well as numerous other specialized units. He has always worked a dual purpose Police K9, which includes tracking. He also worked K9 Duke for 6 years, a certified tracking Bloodhound. Jeff and K9 Duke were involved in numerous high profile cases, where their tracking skills were tested.


The reason we mention Jeff's qualifications is that there are a lot of trainers teaching tracking. There are a lot of different styles of tracking. It is our belief that you must be well versed in all styles of tracking, including real world experience, before you can properly teach this.


K9 Solutions Center trains most of the tracking dogs in the Ohio area, and trains almost all of the Police bloodhounds in the eastern United States. We have established ourselves as the authority in tracking. Companies have tried to copy our programs, but it comes down to detail and quality control in training.


If you have an interest in tracking, or determining if your dog would be good at tracking, contact us. We will go over your options, how the training works, cost involved, and most of all, how fun it is!


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K9 Solutions Center offers free dog training consultations!


For a free consultation appointment please fill out the form below or call (937) 771-1476. One of our friendly staff will schedule you to come to the facility for a tour and free dog training consultation with your dog!


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